New 'Welcome' Signs Proposed for San Antonio

When you drive into Port Lavaca you are told you have entered 'Paradise by the Bay,' and drivers entering the west Texas town of Turkey are reminded on the sign that it is the 'Home of Bob Wills.'

But San Antonio's welcome signs don't tell you anything at all about the city, and northeast side Councilman Clayton Perry says that needs to change.

He is proposing that the City erect signs at the Airport and at all main road entrances to the City declaring 'Welcome to San Antonio, Military City USA.'

"We don't have a welcome sign here in San Antonio and that just floors me," Perry said.  "I want to recognize Military City USA and have these welcome signs coming in on the major corridors into San Antonio."

Perry, who is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, says we need to demonstrate our historic support for the military.

"We need to be proud of our moniker, Military City USA," he said.  "That's what its all about."

He said he will pay for the signs out of his office budget if need be.  

He wants to start with the eight main corridors entering the City, I-10, I-35, Highway 90, and 281/I-37, but he eventually would like to see 'Military City' signs going up on all San Antonio City Limit signs, and at the Airport.

The City last year successfully trademarked the slogan "Military City USA," so is free to use it commercially, and to prevent other cities from using the name.

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