Questions About the City? Its Ike to the Rescue

So where is the nearest restaurant?  What time does the bus get here?  Well, just ask Ike.

News Radio 1200 WOAI reports the city is installing thirty large kiosks made by the company Ike Smart City which will go in all over the city, mainly in tourist areas like the Riverwalk and the Missions, near Convention facilities, and at the airport, which will instantly answer questions that residents and tourists have.

"You can use Ike to discover all the wonderful things to do in San Antonio, how to navigate around, how to get places on foot, or using public transit," said Pete Scantland, CEO of Ike Smart City.

He says Ike Smart City is in the process of installing the terminals in cities around the country, so soon people who come here from other cities will be familiar with them and instantly gravitate to them with questions.

The first smart terminal has been installed at the Missions Visitor Center at Mission San Jose.  

Southeast side Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran says they will be big boost for the family-owned businesses in the area around the Missions, because international visitors will now be aware of their existence, and won't feel like they have to return to downtown for a restaurant or other services.

"For our visitors who come here and maybe don't know the restaurants and other things that are here in the area," she said.

Ike will also allow visitors and residents to express their opinion about the public services and attractions they have seen, and will also answer general questions about the city itself.

Scantland says Ike will not store any personal information that is entered into it, and that information will not be made available to marketers or researchers.


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