SAPD Officer Shoots, Kills Man in West Side Home

A San Antonio Police Officer who was answering an assault call at a west side home opened fire on four men inside the home early today, killing one of them and potentially wounding a second, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"An officer saw a weapon in one of the individuals' waistband, and not long after he ended up using deadly force against that individual, shot multiple times," Police Chief William McManus told News Radio 1200 WOAI on the scene.  "He was pronounced dead."

He says a second man was shot and wounded, but he doesn't know if that person was shot by the officer, or be one of the other men in the home on Roberts St, which is just south of Woodlawn Lake.

"We were called for an assault," McManus said of how the incident began.  "Apparently there was someone selling something at the door, and one of the individuals inside went out and assaulted that individual.  That's what prompted the call to police."

He said when the officers arrived and entered the home, one of the four men inside stood up and began challenging the police.  That's when the officer saw the gun and opened fire.

"There was a second victim that was hit also," he said.  "That second victim was transported to one of the local hosptials.  He was shot in the lower torso."

McManus says he doesn't know whether the officer shot that man or whether he was shot by another person in the home.  He also doesn't know what was being 'sold' at the front door at 1:30 AM.

He says the officer who fired the shots has been placed on administrative duty, which is standard, while an investigation is under way.

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