CPS Energy/SAWS Discuss Possibilities for Cooperation

SAWS and CPS Energy are both owned by the City of San Antonio, and both provide utility services to the same ratepayers.  So this morning, 1200 WOAI reports that for the first time in seven years, the two utilities boards held a joint meeting, to discuss ways they can cooperate in the interest of efficiency.

Mayor Nirenberg, who is an ex officio board member of both utilities, chaired the unique meeting.

SAWS COO Steve Clouse says there are several opportunities for exploration, from hydro electric power generation to working together on power generation for SAWS facilities

Clouse pointed out that SAWS owns a wide stretch of land surrounding the Dos Rio water treatment plant, purchased due to the smells that sometimes eminate from the plant, and suggested that CPS Energy could build a solar power array on that land.

"I don't just want to do it because its the right thing," he said.  "I want to do it to save money."

The two utilities are not discussing any merger plans, but will continue to meet to come up with ideas where they can work together in the public interest.,

PHOTO: SAWS and CPS Energy board members hold a joint meeting at SAWS headquartrs

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