In San Antonio, it's Goodbye Columbus

This is the second Monday in October, the federally designated Columbus Day holiday, but you wouldn't know that in San Antonio, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Not only is today not a holiday in the City of San Antonio or in Bexar County, the City doesn't even mention Chris.  San Antonio 'de-holidayed' Columbus several years ago, and last year, the City declared October 12th, the traditional date of Columbus Day, to be 'Indigenous People's Day,' although it will not be a City holiday.

Bexar County doesn't designate Columbus Day to be a holiday, either.

Today is probably the biggest of the 'year's 'kinda sorta' holidays.

The mailman has the day off, and some federal offices are closed, but others are open.

Most local schools take the day off today, including Northside and North East.  The SAN ANtonio ISD has today off, but under the name of Indigenous People's Day.

The stock market, banks, and most businesses are open today.  Even though its a federal holiday, the Missions National Historic Park, for example, is open.

Columbus has become a somewhat problematic figure in the past several years.  Several groups have blasted Columbus for beginning Spain's three centuries of enslavement of the New World, as well as bringing diseases which wiped out many indigenous people.

PHOTO: The statue of Columbus at the Christopher Columbus Italian Society in San Antonio

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