Alamodome Expresses Interest in Raiders About Playing Here, but Touts AAF

The Oakland Raiders are looking for a temporary home while the team completes it planned move from Oakland to Las Vegas, but the Alamodome is not jumping for joy, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

“We  have not had any recent conversations with the Raiders, although we’ve  previously said we’d be happy to host them on a temporary basis. San  Antonio is a great location for professional football, as recently evidenced by the  Alliance for American Football choosing our city for their spring  league," Assistant City Manager Carlos Contreras said in response to an inquiry from 1200 WOAI news.

The new Las Vegas stadium that will host the Raiders in their new home will not be completed for the 2019 season, when the Raiders were planning on making the move.

There is talk about the Raiders re-upping at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, but, with the City threatening to sue the team over its move to Vegas, that is not seen as likely.

San Antonio almost slavishly courted Oakland Raiders CEO Mark Davis when the team announced plans to leave the Bay, as the Alamodome has been touted as the home for any number of franchises since playing temporary host to the New Orleans Saints following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.


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