Update: Suspect Dies, Standoff Ends

A man who is suspected of shooting a teenaged boy and an adult woman and then barricading himself inside a far west side home was found dead following a five hour standoff, Sheriff Javier Salazar says.

It began yesterday evening when the two victims were found outside the home on Ash Field Dr, which is near Loop 1604 and Marbach.

The gunman then retreated inside the home and held deputies at bay.

Salazar says they attempted to find signs of life throughout the standoff.

"First off we used some drones to go up to the house," he said.  "Then we used thermal imaging technology to pick up some heat signatures from inside the house, turns out those were from some dogs inside the house."

He says when deputies hadn't heard from the suspect in some time, robots were sent in.

"The robot was able to get into the house, went into one of the bedrooms," he said.  "it did find the suspect was deceased, apparently from a self inflicted gunshot wound."

Deputies then set off a 'flash bang' grenade to make sure the man was really dead, and wasn't faking it in an attempt to trap officers.

Salazar says the teen boy is clinging to life with critiical gunshot wounds.  The woman is also in critical condition, but is expected to survive.

Salazar says it appears to have been a 'domestic situation.'

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