All SAWS Water Restrictions Lifted

The wettest September in San Antonio history prompted city officials today to formally life both State 2 and Stage 1 water use restrictions, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

SAWS says not only did the more than 13 inches of rain the city received a series of downpours last month push the Edwards Aquifer well above the drought trigger level of 660 feet, but forecasters are also predicting a wetter than normal fall and winter.

SAWS also credits its investment in the so called 'water bank,' the Aquifer Storage and Recovery System, which captures excess water and stores it in underground caverns in southeast Bexar County.  Also, the utility is actively expanding its desalination plant.

SAWS says both of those developments enabled the region to avoid even more serious drought restrictions in the dry months that preceded our record wet September.

There are year round restrictions which prevent water waste, and they will remain in place.

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