Another Vacant Structure Destroyed in a Night Time Fire

Another vacant structure was destroyed by fire early Sunday, this time on NewbLaredo Hwy on the city's southwest side, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Four vacant homes on the east side were heavily damaged by fire Friday morning.

When crews arrived at the empty building at New Laredo Hwy and Bynum, they found that a fire that apparently started in an out building had spread to the main structure.

It took crews an hour to get the fire under control due to challenges with the water supply,

Nobody was hurt, and arson investigators are on the scene.

It hasn't  been determined to be the case in any of the vacant building fires in the past three days, but the city has had a problem with vagrants and drug addicts breaking into empty buildings during cooler weather, and starting fires either to stay warm or to cook meth.

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