Jail Kitchen Worker Sentenced for Smuggling Dope to Inmate

Let's face it...all of us are not cut out for all jobs.  

Many of us would make very bad supermodels, or wide receivers, or point guards, just like Ray Barr, 30, made a lousy drug dealer.

Barr has been sentenced to 40 months in prison for attempting to smuggling meth to an inmate in the CEO Federal Detention Center, which is located in the old Bexar County Jail downtown.

Barr was a kitchen employee at the facility, and prosecutor say when he decided to branch out and make some extra money selling dope to prisoners, he was arrested on the first try, immediately after he handed the drugs over to the buyer.

He pled guilty and was sentenced by a federal judge on Thursday.

“The men and women in law enforcement and detention are held to a higher standard in our judicial system and our community,” said U.S. Marshal Susan Pamerleau. Today’s sentence sends a strong message that this violation of trust will not be tolerated."


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