Four Overnight Arson Fires Under Investigation

Firefighters say four fires that badly damaged or destroyed four vacant houses on the city's east side this morning 'was not an accident' but arson investigations have not determined whether the fires were connected, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"They were all confirmed to be abandoned, and none of them had any utilities connected to them," Fire Department spokesman Woody Woodward said of the four buildings that burned.

One of the buildings was allowed by firefighters to burn to the ground, because crews were afraid that the charred shell would be dangerous to passersby.

"They are all suspicious in nature, however, at this time we have no information that these fires are connected."

San Antonio has had a problem with vagrants breaking into abandoned homes to sleep or use drugs, and setting fires to cook meth or to stay warm, but Woodward says there is no indication that was the cause of any of these fires.

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