Robo Cop Joins Bexar County Sheriff's Force

When things get tough, the Bexar County Sheriff can now send in...RoboCop!!

1200 WOAI news reports a robot deputy has been added to the force.

Sheriff Javier Salazar says the robot can go over tough terrain, and will be particularly useful in SWAT standoffs.

"You can use it to carry in a flash-bang, to retrieve something from a suspect, you can actually talk to a suspect thorugh it," Salazar said.

He says Robo Cop can go into situations were it would be too dangerous for a human deputy, like when tear gas has been deployed, or into the range of a hostage taker's line of fire.

In short, what these things do is save lives," Salazar said.  "They prevent us from having to send in a deputy."

Robot One cost the department $78,000, and it was paid for with cash forefeited by convicted criminals.

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