City Patches Record 80,000th Pothole This Year

The lowly pothole doesn't usually get much attention, until you hit one and it damages your car or blows your tire. 

But, 1200 WOAI news reports, thanks to a new initiative by the city's Transportation and Capital Improvements Office, potholes are vanishing from the roads.

Spokesman Paul Berry calls it 'the pothole patrol.'

"It's basically 16 crews that go out every day, just focusing on repairing potholes, and they got after it this year."

In fact, San Antonio today patched its 80,000th pothole of the fiscal year, which ends on Sunday.

The pothole that was repaired this morning was on Southport Dr, which is off Southeast Military Dr. near Republic Golf Course.

"Instead of being reactive, just taking calls from residents, we actually went out looking for potholes," Berry said.  "And we found we can get a lot more potholes repaired by doing this."

He promised the record that was set today won't last long.  He says 80,000 potholes is a record that is made to be broken in 2019.

Potholes are routinely among the top budget priorities of citizens during the city's annual budget process.

CAPTION: The Pothole Patrol fixes the 80,000th pothole at Alsbrook and Southport on the southeast side.

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