Bexar Sheriff Participating in "Neighbors" Anti Crime App

Like Mr. Rogers, the Bexar County Sheriff wants to be your neighbor.

1200 WOAI news reports the Sheriff is joining the 'Neighbors' App, a neighborhood micro-site which allows law enforcement and citizens to post real-time information about petty crimes on their streets, from vandals to porch thieves.  Neighbors is similar to the popular App 'Nextdoor,' but only for crime.

“The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is embracing the innovative technology of the Neighbors App,” said Bexar County Sheriff, Javier Salazar. “We are affiliating with the Neighbors by Ring program in our efforts to further strengthen our community and bring another tool to fight crime.  I hope the public will join us in making our communities a more connected, safe, and more resilient place.”

For example, Neighbors will allow both law enforcement and the people next door to post information about, for example, suspicious vehicles in the area, or incidents of people stealing packages off of porches.  

Photos of the vehicle or activity can also be loaded.  Sheriff's deputies will also upload information on reports they have received about suspicious activity.

Salazar says that will alert others in the area to keep their eyes open, and helps protect a neighborhood and in many cases, to catch the perpetrator.

The Neighbors App also allows you to customize a map on your mobile device to see where your neighbors are reporting crime or suspicious activity.


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