Dallas PD Fires Officer Who Shot Man in HIs Apartment

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall today fired Officer Amber Guyger, three weeks after she shot and killed Botham Jean inside his own apartment after allegedly mistaking it for her apartment, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

In a brief statement, Dallas Police say Hall determined that Guyger had 'engaged in 'adverse conduct.'  

She was charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of Jean.

Guyger said she came home after working a 15 hour shift and accidentally entered Jean's apartment.  When she saw a 'silhouette' of a man emerge from the darkness, she thought it was an intruder in her apartment and fired twice.  Jean died on the floor.

When Guyger turned on the lights she frantically called 9-1-1, and repeatedly apologized and asked 'how could I have done this?'

But witnesses said they heard knocking and a man and a woman shouting before hearing the shots, casting doubt on Guyger's story.  

In the statement, Hall said under civil service rules, Guyger can appeal her termination.

The Dallas Police were under withering fire for not firing Guyger.  After a police search of Jean's apartment found marijuana and the Dallas PD immediately announced that find, critics claimed detectives were 'rigging' their investigation to protest their fellow officer.

The shooting also rekindled the 'Black Lives Matter' movement, because Jean was Black and Guyger is White.


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