Controversial Texas Gun Rights Advocate Arrested

Cody Wilson

A Texas man who rose to fame for creating blueprints to build a gun using a 3d printer is in custody, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Cody Wilson, 30, is accused of paying for sex with a 16-year old girl, who went to the cops.   He fled the country before he could be arrested.

Today, Wilson was arrested along a busy market street in Taiwan, where he was reportedly planning on staying long term.

A report in the Taiwan News newspaper shows says that Wilson had just spent $620 for the first month’s rent on a six-month lease of an apartment in Taiwan.

Wilson's bid for freedom was well-covered in Taiwan.  There are reports that, at one point, he was living at Taipei's pricey Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Authorities in Taiwan are now working with the U.S. Marshalls office to bring Wilson back to Texas, where he'll stand trial.  If found guilty, he faces 20 years in prison.

WOAI news reached out to the Austin Police Department, but all questions were referred to the U.S. Marshall.

Photo: Getty Images

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