Bexar Democrats Having Second Thoughts About Backing Charter Changes

Bexar County Democratic Party Chair  Monica Alcantara says Thursdays announcement that the party is backing those three charter change proposals being pushed by the Firefighters Union is premature, 1200 WOAI News reports.

Even though reporters were told that the proposals were backed by the precinct chairs a four to one margin, Alcantara says two thirds of the party precinct chairs were not present and didnt vote.

Alcantara says the opposition being raised now stems mainly from the fact that the union has endorsed several Republicans, including Republicans who are in close races, and not due to the content of the proposals themselves.

She said the Bexar County Democratic Party does not wish to be seen as standing with an organization that supports Republicans at a time when it is part of an effort to get Democrats elected statewide.

The proposals, among other things, would make it easier for citizens to reverse actions of City Council through initiative and referendum, and would cut the pay of future city managers.

Alcantata says she will recommend that the endorsement be reconsidered at the next County Executive Committee meeting.

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