Spurs Model New Frost Logo Jerseys

by Morgan Montalvo

WOAI News 

This  coming season San Antonio Spurs jerseys will feature something new, yet  familiar, to many fans when the team steps onto the court: the Frost  Bank logo, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports. 

The deal to emblazon the team jerseys with Frost’s circular logo and  name was inked a month ago, but the official unveiling took place  Wednesday afternoon at the bank’s One Frost site off State Hwy. 151 on  San Antonio’s far west side. 

Adding the name and logo, said former Spur and event emcee Sean Elliott,  commemorates a partnership dating back to the establishment of the team  when then-bank chairman Tom Frost helped finance the deal that  brought the American Basketball Association’s Dallas Chaparrals to San  Antonio. 

“Then after that, he also helped secure The Iceman [George Gervin] from  the Virginia Squires in ’74,” said Elliott, “and then in ’76 he led a  group of bankers to help finance the Spurs’ entry fee into the NBA when  the ABA collapsed.”

 Frost Bank Chairman Phil Green said adding the financial institution’s  logo and name to the Spurs jersey reflects both organizations’  commitment to public service and desire to reflect the culture of San  Antonio. 

“Whether it’s individual Spurs players with various community efforts or  people, whether it’s Coach Pop and his support of agencies like the San  Antonio Food Bank, whether it’s the Silver and Black Give Back and all  they do in the community - they do so much,” said Green. 

Spurs guards Patty Mills and Bryn Forbes modeled the new team appeal at the unveiling.


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