Bexar D.A. LaHood Leaving Democratic Party

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood, a lifelong Democrat who says he grew up idolizing John Kennedy, says he is leaving the Democratic Party, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

LaHood made his comments on the Joe Pags Show on 1200 WOAI.

"I just don't think if President Kennedy was living today, and nobody knew his background, he would not be accepted by today's Democratic Party," LaHood said.

LaHood was defeated for re-election in this spring's Democratic Primary, but he says that is not the reason he made his decision to leave the party.

He says the party just recently has moved away from the principles that he respects, a principle that all groups can work together to fight for the people.

"When you look at President Clinton when he was President, look at Senator Clinton when she was Senator on the early 2000s, look at Barack Obama when he came into office, the party was still like that not long ago," LaHood said.  "The party today has been hijacked by a leftist ideology, a neo-Marxist ideology that is really fascist in nature, and I 'fascist' I mean an attitude of 'let's shut down any philosophy you disagree with."

LaHood has received praise during his one term in office as District Attorney for strongly prosecuting eighties child killer Genene Jones to keep her in prison for life after she was facing mandatory release, and for instituting a program of 'cite and release' where people arrested for possession of small amounts of marijuana and for othr minor non-violent offenses are prosecuted like a traffic violation, and not given a criminal record which can damage their chances of getting a good job or a good education.

LaHood is joining what has become known as the #WalkAway movement, where Democrats are turning their backs on the party in opposition to 'Antifa' and other violent demonstrators, as well has extreme rhetoric of some party leaders in opposition to President Trump.

LaHood says he plans to return to provate practice of law when his term expires on December 31, but he says if he runs for office again it will not be as a Democrat.

"Won't run as a Democrat, so it will be either Republican or Independent," he said.


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