Ranting Man Rams Truck into Dallas TV Station

A man today intentionally drove his pickup truck into the offices of KDFW-TV Channel Four in Dallas, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Brandon Todd, an anchor at the Fox affiliate, says after the man smashed his way into the building, things started getting even weirder.

"He reached in, he grabbed this orange duffel bag, and set it on the ground," Todd said.  "That's when we all ran out of the office, because we had no idea what this man was going to do next."

Debra Webb, a spokeswoman for the Dallas Police Department, says the duffel bag was filled with fliers, which were scatted all around the area.

"They were also checking his vehicle, also checking around the building.  They didn't find anything, everything was safe."

Witnesses said the suspect, identified as Michael Fry, 34, started screaming about 'high treason,' and said he thought the' news media should 'do its job.'

The fliers were even odder.  They contained rantings about 'High treason and treachery by a mob of females, a mob of sheriffs.'  The fliers referenced news coverage on WFAA-TV, another Dallas TV station, and an ABC-TV affiliate, referencing an incident in Denton County where a man was shot by officers back in 2012.  Fry was a passenger in a pickup that rammed a law enforcement vehicle, and the officer then shot and killed the driver.

"It doesn't appear at this time that he was actually targeting the media," Webb said.  "He was upset over some officer involved shooting, and it didn't seem that the media was being targeted."

Police also wonder whether Fry actually meant to cause the incident at WFAA's studios, and actually got the wrong TV station.

Some media outlets were claiming that this incident was related to a claim by NBC reporter Chuck Todd that the media needs to 'fight back' against Fox News and what he claimed was the network's role in leading to a lack of trust in the news media in general, but this incident doesn't not appear to have anything to do with that.


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