Cyber-security Initiative Links Facebook, TAMUSA

By Morgan Montalvo 

WOAI News   

Social media giant Facebook and Texas A&M University-San Antonio are  launching a cooperative cyber-security program to train tomorrow’s  computer network protection specialists, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.   

The initiative will feature a 12-week course designed to teach TAMUSA  students the latest in cyber-threat protection techniques, and include a  corporate training certificate, says Stephanie Siteman, a Facebook  computer security manager who manages similar partnerships at other  institutions and will oversee the local partnership. 

Siteman says the  certification will be equally valuable to students seeking either  public- or private-sector cyber-security careers. 

“I think it can be geared toward everyone,“ Siteman tells News Radio  1200 WOAI, ”and a lot of the students we have in many of our different  universities are already directed toward the government sector. And we  think security is important at all facets and levels.”  

 David Velez is one the first three students to sign up for the new  program. He says as someone who left college, spent time in computer  sales, then returned to school, the Facebook-sponsored course can help  him stand out among fellow job-seekers when graduation approaches and  it’s time to “float” resumes. 

"Computer-industry recruiters," Velez says, “really test your knowledge  and understanding, like, ‘Okay, so how do you do this – how do you list  out directories? What kind of tools would you use to attack? Here, take  this marker, go to this board, write me a formula on how to prevent  these situations.’"    Based on initial success, the partnership can expand to additional courses and a multi-year program, Siteman says.     

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