Institute of Texan Cultures Opens Amazing Exhibition of San Antonio Photos

The UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures Friday opens an exhibition of some amazing photographs showing San Antonio through the years, from the 1860s to the 1990s, News Radio 1200 WOAI.

"All these places that look familiar," Institute spokesman James Benavides said.  "But when we take it back 100 years, its just amazing."

The exhibition is from 3.5 million images UTSA stores in its historic archives.  Benavides says these 300 are chosen for their ability to transport the viewer back in time, showing places which are familiar to us today in a totally different time.

"A lot of this comes form family photos and personal collections," he said.

The exhibition will remain open until March of 2019.


Steel framework of the Smith-Young Tower (now Tower Life Building) as seen from the Medical Arts Building, October 1928  San Antonio Light

Passengers board airliner at Stinson Municipal Airport, 1939  San Antonio Light

Members of the San Antonio Volunteer Fire Department on a swan boat in San Pedro Park, July 4, 1891 San Antonio Light

Playland Park, 1960

San Pedro Ave Streetcar going south on South Alamo Street near East Commerce Street, early 1900s  Zintgraff Studio Collection

Harlandale Theater, 1937  Zintgraff Studio Collection

Chili Queens on Military Plaza, 1878  Zintgraff Studio Collection

Joske's Sign, 1936.  Photograph by Austin Seymour Masterson, from Martha Bradley

Original Frost and Brother's General Store, Main Plaza, early 1870s  San Antonio Light Collection

Cowboys and covered wagons on an unpaved West Commerce Street, 1878.  San Antonio Light

Firewood for sale on the southwest corner of Military Plaza, 1880s (What is now City Hall stands just to the left of where this building stood)  San Antoino Light


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