Sobbing Suspect Charged With Stealing Woman's Wedding Rings

Call him 'the crying thief.'

1200 WOAI news reports Frank Perez, 47, sobbed and said 'I'm sorry' as he was marched to the Bexar County Jail today after being arrested for stealing an elderly woman's wedding ring off a necklace around her neck, as she stood in front of a north side food pantry last month.

Police spokeswoman Jennifer Rodriguez credits crime stoppers for pointing the finger at Perez.

"They were able to identify the suspect, 47 year old Frank Perez," Rodriguez said.  "He will be charged with a state jail felony, theft from the elderly."

Police say Perez could get three years in a state jail.

"As he did subsequently confess to the crime, we are very grateful that the rings belonging to the victim and her late husband were recovered at two local pawn shops," she said.

Rodriguez said the rings will be returned to the victim.


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