Texas Set an All-Time Electric Power Usage Record Wednesday

Texas set an all time record for electricity use on Wednesday, a record which is expected to be broken before the current heat wave dissipates next week, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"Its always an exciting day at ERCOT when he we hit a new all-time peak," Theresa Gage of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas told News Radio 1200 WOAI.  "We last hit an all time peak in August of 2016."

One main reason for the all time electricity generation peak is the fact that the current heat wave is affecting the entire state, not just one region.

"People have their air conditioners running," she said.  "People are trying to keep cool, we understand that.  Our priority is keeping those running."

Gage says at this point, she doesn't see any likelihood of brown-outs, black-outs or other power shortages, despite the peak demand, and despite the fact that older, coal fired power plants are being decommissioned to clean the air.

Other than the hot weather, electric power demand in Texas is up because of the state's population growth, as well as the strong economy, which means offices, warehouses, and factories are working 24/7.

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