Heat Advisory Issued for San Antonio Region


Very Hot Temperatures Expected Today through Early Next Week...Peaking Sunday and MondayHeat Advisories Likely Over the Weekend for Much of the Area and Excessive Heat Warnings Possible

Area of Concern:

All of South-Central Texas

Threats & Impacts: 

Temperatures:   Air temperature by Sunday and Monday ranging from 100-104 deg across  the Hill Country, 103-107 deg along the I-35 corridor (Austin/San  Antonio), and 106-110 deg along the Rio Grande.

Impacts:  Prolonged exposure to this excessive heat could lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke.

Timing and Overview:

Very  hot temperatures are expected today, though the weekend, and into early  next week. The temperatures will gradually warm each day, peaking on  Sunday and Monday. Heat Advisories are likely for much of the region,  with Excessive Heat Warning possible for some areas.Regardless  of warnings and advisories, all of South Central Texas will be very hot  during this extended heat wave. Take extra precautions if you must work  or spend time outside. Wear light weight and loose fitting clothing,  drink plenty of water, and take frequent breaks, preferably in an air  conditioned area. When possible reschedule strenuous activities during  the morning or mid evening hours.Young  children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles under any  circumstances. This is especially true during hot weather when car  interiors can reach lethal temperatures in a matter of minutes. Look  before you lock!



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