NAACP Supports Puerto Rican Statehood at San Antonio Convention

The NAACP National Convention in San Antonio has overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling for statehood for Puerto Rico, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The vote came after an impassioned speech to the group, which is meeting at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center downtown, by Puerto Rico's governor, Ricardo Rossello.

"Do we want to be the standard bearer of democracy in the world, or do we want to have hiccups in our own back yard," Rosello asked the civil rights group.

Puerto Rico has been suffering from the impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria last summer, and from what many people consider to be the neglect of Puerto Rico because it is a U.S. territory, and not a state with representatives in Congress and a vote for political offices.

The Trump Administration was blasted for, for example, allowing the electricity to remain out in Puerto Rico for months following the storms, something people said would never be allowed in a U.S. state.

Rosillo told the NAACP this is 'gut check time' for America.

"Do we want to give way to bigotry and hate, or do we want to start a conversation of decency and common courtesy and equality?" he asked.

For decades, most Puerto Ricans wanted independence from the U.S.  'Puerto Rico liberation' groups even committed crimes in the U.S., including a famous shooting in Washington DC in 1950.  

But since Puerto Rico's treasury became empty due to a series of poor decisions by its elected officials, the talk has turned to statehood.

Statehood for Puerto Rico would also be in line with the theme of the NAACP convention, 'Defeat Hate, Vote!'  The island territory is largely Democrat, and would be a safe state for Democrat votes for Congress and for President.

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