Pre-K for SA Today Will Announce First Charter School Partnership

San Antonio's sales tax funded Pre-K 4 SA program today will announce its first collaboration with a Charter School, as it seeks to spread early childhood education across the city, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Pre-K 4 SA will join forces with the New Frontiers Public Schools to create the first and only public charter school partnership to date.

"Many families are selecting many forms of early childhood learning opportunities, and New Frontiers is one of those, so we want to partner and help make sure that those families have access to high quality early learning," Pre-K 4 SA CEO Sarah Baray told News Radio 1200 WOAI.

She says it is part of the ultimate goal of Pre-K 4 SA to create the parental interest, as well as the infrastructure, to provide high quality pre-kindergarten to every four year old in the city.

"We know that if we can do that, we know that we are putting San Antonio on the road to having a world class work force in one generation," she said.

Research shows that getting a 'head start' before kindergarten pays off in a lifetime of achievement.  Not only is the child more prepared for kindergarten, but Pre-K education shows up in higher test scores in high school, higher graduation rates, and even more professional success.

She says the partnership with New Frontiers, which is located on the south side, will help reach additional students.

“Pre-K 4 SA was created to change the educational and workforce trajectory of San Antonio within one generation by working to ensure that every 4-year-old has access to high-quality pre-kindergarten education,” Baray said. “We see this partnership as an excellent opportunity to increase options in early childhood education for families in the South Side community who have chosen New Frontiers. We want New Frontiers families to know they have access to high-quality prekindergarten through Pre-K 4 SA.”

She says Pre-K 4 SA will partner with other Charter schools, and private and religious schools city wide.  Pre-K already has partnerships with many of the city's Independent School Districts to work together to expand access.

“New Frontiers Public Schools was formed to support our local community that wanted a better approach to meet the educational needs of its families,” New Frontiers Public Schools CEO Alfredo Segura Jr. said. “We offer a true pathway to and through college for our students, integrating high rigor, innovative and individualized strategies to meet the needs of all of our learners. We welcome this partnership as we value early childhood education and understand its impact on high school graduation and achievement in higher education.”

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