Abbott Makes Proposals to Help Veterans 'Share in Texas' Prosperity'

Gov. Greg Abbott told the 100th convention of the American Legion of Texas in San Antonio this afternoon that the prosperity that Texas is experiencing today is due largely to the sacrifice of military veterans, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The governor said he will make several proposals to the 2019 Legislature to make sure veterans can experience the full measure of that prosperity.One of his proposals, Abbott said, will be to grant property tax benefits to companies that hire veterans.

"My plan encourages businesses to make them part of that prosperity by granting property tax relief to businesses that employ our veterans," he said.

Abbott said spouses of veterans can also be helped by cutting some of the red tape they face when they come to Texas.

"With my plan, Texas will waive licensing fees for qualified spouses of veterans for licenses they have already qualified for."

He says if veterans can enjoy the full measure of the prosperity that they have sacrificed so much to create, Texas will be a better place.

The American Legion, which was founded by American service members returning from World War One in 1918, also heard from Mayor Nirenberg and Senator John Cornyn.

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