Converse Police say an 'Active Investigation' into Scary Video is Underway

Police in Converse say they are 'actively investigating' the events seen in a scary video that has now been seen by more than 2.5 million people. An Atlanta man, Rico Malique, posted it on Facebook, News Radio 1200 WOAI. reports.

According to Malique, it shows his niece and several other friends pulling into the driveway of a home on Jaybrook Street in the Northampton subdivision early on Sunday.

The teens see two men crouching in the bushes in front of the home, and, when they are lit up by the vehicle's headlights, gunshots are heard

.Nobody is hurt, but the driver says the tires on her car have been shot. Converse Police are asking for help identifying the people in the video.

They are asking people with any information to contact Lt J. Shook at 210-658-2322 or email him at

Police say they have been canvassing the area and talking to witnesses.


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