State's Most Famous Ghost Town is for Sale

Terlingua, Texas may be the most famous ghost town in the state, made famous by the classic seventies Jerry Jeff Walker LP 'Viva Terlingua.'  Now, the community in the Big Bend is for sale, IF you have a spare $1.75 million sitting around, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Terlingua is now owned by actor Herman Everett, who is known for playing himself in the show 'Badlands, Texas.'

His girlfriend, Evin Henke, tells News Radio 1200 WOAI they've gotten some nibbles.

"We get a lot of bites every day from smaller fish in the sea," she said.  "We're waiting for the sharks."

What your cool $1.75 mil will bring you is twenty abandoned buildings, all made of stone, even an abandoned mine, a church, and an old hotel.

But Henke says what you'll really get is a magnificent piece of the west Texas desert.

"The place has the bones of a making of a high class resort," she said.  "Its a place where people can go to get out of the public eye, to get out of the city, to see the stars at night."

She points out that the emergence of Marfa as an artist's colony and the growth of the entire Big Bend as a tourist destination justifies the price tag she and Everett have slapped on Terlingua.

The history of Terlingua itself is mysterious.  It is believed to have begun life as a Native American camp where cinnabar was mined to create the famous pictographs in the Pecos River caves.

When the coal mines played out in the thirties and forties, the community was left abandoned.  Terliugua is now the home of a popular annual chili cook-off, along with its fame brought by Walker, 'Badlands, Texas' and 'Paris Texas.'

Photo: Getty Images

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