New S.A. to Oakland Flight Seen as Boost for Local Tech

The first non-stop flight from San Antonio to Oakland is being seen as a huge deal by the city's emerging tech sector, which is yearning for easy access to investors, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Bay Area is ground zero for the type of money needed to fuel tech startups.  Until now, getting between the two cities has not been easy.  Today, the airport is throwing a party for the new non-stop flight on Southwest to Oakland.

Lorenzo Gomez with Geekdom says this starts to break down the barriers between tech startups and the investors they need to meet.

"It's actually really beneficial to us, because it makes it easier for people to check out our scene and potentially move here, which is what we really want," he says.

The lack of non-stop flights out of San Antonio International has been a major focal point for both San Antonio's Mayor and Bexar County's judge.  

While more have been added, there has been a push to land more flights to places that would bolster the tech sector.  One was a non-stop to North Carolina's tech hub, Raleigh-Durham.  

This flight to Oakland is seen as a way to build upon the momentum.

David Garcia, who heads Geekdom, says this this is a huge win.

"This is how Austin has been able to capitalize on the tech scene for so many years. They've had direct flights from there to the San Francisco Area."


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