Thai Soccer Coach Apologizes To Parents Of Trapped Boys Soccer Team


The Thai soccer coach trapped in a  flooded cave with 12 boys is apologizing to their parents.  The coach sent a hand-written letter through divers reassuring parents that the  kids are doing fine. The letter reads: "I promise I will care for the  kids as best as possible. I want to say thanks for all the support and I  want to apologize to the parents." The 25-year-old assistant coach has  been criticized for leading the boys into the predicament in the first  place, but is also being recognized for keeping the boys alive.  The  team has been trapped deep inside the massive cave system for two weeks  now.  Crews are in a race with the clock as they try to rescue the team  amid dropping oxygen levels and before heavy rains raise water levels in  the cave. 

Photo: Getty Images


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