Military Veterans Providing School Security? SAISD Chief Has Doubts

The state legislature is getting some significant push back on the idea of bringing in miltiary veterans to help with security on school campuses, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.'

That idea was part of pages of recommendations that came out of several 'round table discussions' convened by Gov. Abbott following last month's mass shooting at Santa Fe High School.

But Joe Curiel, the Chief of Police of the San Antonio ISD, says there are several concerns about the proposal.

"To bring in military to do security itself, to expedite military personnel who are not military policemen, to me that may cause some issues," Chief Curiel said.

"The dynamics is different when it comes to understanding the child crisis intervention training that we do," he said.

Several school counselors and social workers told the House committee their jobs should be beefed up, because they are on the front lines of recognizing students who may be a danger to students.

They suggested getting primary care physicians into the habit of recognizing and reporting students who are potentially trouble, and allowing school social workers to meet with students in their homes, where many of the problems emerge.

Curiel said he would welcome, for example, retired military police officers to help with security in SAISD schools, but he doesn't see the advantage of other military veterans in that position.

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