Annapolis Newspaper Shooting Victim Worked in San Antonio

Maryland shootings

One of the five people who were killed by a gunman at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis Maryland worked for a time as a newsman in San Antonio, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Rob Hiasson was the News Director for a brief period at KRNN-AM, a now defunct news talk radio station.  He worked at KRNN-AM in the late 1980's.

Robert Wood was a reporter at the station who worked for Hiasson."We were a news talk station that was designed to take on WOAI back in the day," Wood recalled.  "There were a lot of people who went in and out of that newsroom in that just under two year period."

Hiasson's wife Maria was the morning news anchor at KRNN.

"He was always trying to show people now and better ways to do things, new and better ways to write, and new and better ways to tell the story," Wood said.

Hiasson grew up in Florida.  His brother was the novelist Carl Hiasson.

Photo: Getty Images

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