Killer Set to Die in Huntsville Demanding Death by Firing Squad

A lot of evil people have been executed in the Texas Death Chamber at the Walls Unit in Huntsville over the decades, but Danny Bible, who is set to be put to death tonight, may be the worst of them all, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Bible, 67, was condemned for raping a woman in Houston way back in 1979, and then slashing her to death with an ice pick.  The murder was unsolved for two decades.

In the meantime, in something that sounds like a 'Friday the 13th' movie, Bible went on a murdering and raping rampage. 

Harris County prosecutor David Mitchum says Bible confessed to killing three people, including a baby, in Mineral Wells shortly after the Houston killing.

"I would like to mention that, in his spare time, when he wasn't murdering women and posting their bodies on the banks of bayous, he did confess to sexually assaulting more than 300 women and chldren," Mitchum said.

"If there was ever an individual who was deserving of the death penalty, it is Mr. Bible."

But there is controversy over the way Bible will be executed tonight.

He has demanded wither death by firing squad or to be killed in a makeshift gas chamber, and says he will ask the Supreme Court today to block his execution by lethal injection.

Bible says he suffers from Parkinson's Disease, which will make it difficult for the executioner to find a vein to place the lethal needle.  He says he fears his execution will be bungled.

But the Texas Attorney General's Office says the state has successfully carried out 551 executions since the return of capital punishment back in 1982, and clearly knows what it is doing.

Also, officials point out that Bible is frequently placed on an IV drip for his prison medical care, and that has never resulted in 'not being able to find a vein,' so tonight's execution should go smoothly.


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