City's Rainbow Crosswalk is Installed

It's loud and it's proud, the City's new LGBTQ friendly Rainbow Crosswalk is now in place at the corner of Main and Evergreen just east of San Antonio College, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Taxpayers only paid for the cost of replacing a standard black and white crosswalk.  The bright colors are being paid for by local private donations.

Downtown Councilman Roberto Trevino, who fought to have the crosswalk constructed, says it sends a powerful message.

"It rally signals the importance of being inclusive, having a community that embraces everybody," he said.

The Crosswalk will be celebrated at a street party Friday night, and then the annual Pride Parade will roll over it on Saturday.

Supporters say at a time when the Legislature is taking anti LGBTQ steps, like trying to restrict bathroom use, the crosswalk shows people who may be considering a move to Texas or starting a business here that the state is welcoming.

"Its a bright, very beautiful symbol that can be seen and is very recognizeable," Trevino said.  "I think it will help a lot of people feel very good about this community."

Advocates say especially Millennials, who are supporting the city's booming tech sector, value LGBT rights and will be attracted to a city which boldly celebrates those rights.

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