Gas Prices Across Texas Hold Steady or Drop This Week

By Morgan Montalvo


Texans are keeping one eye on their July Fourth travel itineraries and the other on gas prices.

Triple-A Texas' Daniel Armbruster tells WOAI News there's good news at the pump.

"Gas prices went down  in every single city surveyed by Triple-A Texas this week or they stayed  the same; for San Antonio the price went down five cents for the week,  so it's now at $2.60," Armbruster says.

But the current cost  for a gallon of regular unleaded in the Alamo City is still 55 cents  higher than this time a year ago, he adds.

Armbruster says the  statewide average is $2.69. with drivers in Midland paying the most for  regular unleaded at an average $3.09. Brownsville motorists are enjoying  the cheapest average price in Texas for the same fuel at $2.51 per  gallon.

Triple-A's national  office says it expects a record number of people on the road during the  Independence Day travel period lasting from July 3-8. If so, it would be  the second straight year for record numbers vacationing by car. 

Armbruster says given  current or anticipated gas prices, he sees little to discourage Texans  from packing up their vehicles and motoring to a summer getaway.

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