Deputies in Controversial Shooting Cleared for Duty

Four Bexar County Sheriff's Deputies who were involved in a controversial incident last December where a young boy was shot to death have been cleared to return to duty, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The deputies were pursuing a fugitive who claimed to be armed through Schertz when deputies cornered the woman in front of a mobile hone.. When the woman appeared to point an object toward the four deputies, one fired,. The bullet tore through the wall of the mobile home and struck Kameron Prescott 6, who was inside, killing him.

The Sheriff's Office says it has received 'preliminary clearance letters' from the District Attorney, who has been investigating the case, allowing the four deputies to return to patrol duty.

The 30 year old suspect was also killed.. No weapon was found at the scene, but the deputies claimed the woman said she was armed and has threatened to shoot them.

A civil lawsuit filed in connection with the case is still pending.

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