World Tapas Day Starts 'Olé,San Antonio' Spanish-themed events at The Pearl

By Morgan Montalvo


San  Antonio's summer-long, Tricentennial-related celebration of all things  Spanish starts tonight at The Pearl with a culinary event in recognition  of "World Tapas Day," WOAI News reports.

Tapas are  small Spanish fare that, in varied forms, serve as anything from an  appetizer to a meal and in recent years have increased in popularity.

World Tapas  Day, says The Pearl's Elizabeth Fauerso,

 "is a really big event in  Spain. They've only taken it to Rome and to Paris, so this will be the  first time this event happens across the Atlantic."

The ticketed event begins at 5:30 p.m. at The Pearl Stable.

Fauerso says through mid-September The Pearl's Olé, San Antonio series  will showcase more than 50 Spanish musicians, dancers, artists and  chefs in events and activities that range from flamenco performances to  food and wine tastings and culinary workshops.

"We decided  to focus on the three pillars of gastronomy, music and dance, and art  and architecture," Fauerso says, "because that really feels kind of  where our city is pinned historically with Spain."

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