Report: Johnston, Riley to head AAF San Antonio franchise

Daryl Johnston

Former Dallas Cowboys fullback Daryl Johnston and Mike Riley are expected to be named as the respective general manager and head coach of the San Antonio franchise in the Alliance of American Football, according to a report.

Alex Marvez of Sirius XM NFL Radio cited multiple sources as saying that the two will guide the eighth team in the league, with Riley to join Brad Childress (Atlanta), Tim Lewis (Birmingham), Mike Singletary (Memphis), Steve Spurrier (Orlando), Rick Neuheisel (Phoenix), Dennis Erickson (Salt Lake) and Mike Martz (San Diego)as head coaches.

The Alliance of American Football confirmed on Twitter that SanAntonio will be the home to the eighth team in the league."City #8 comes to you from the great state of Texas, San Antonio to be exact," per the AAF's official Twitter account on Wednesday."We'll be live tomorrow at 12pm CT on Twitter to announce our finalAlliance head coach."

Photo: Getty Images

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