City Council Honors Sailor for Heroism

San Antonio City Council today gave a standing ovation to a sailor who was in San Antonio on shore duty last weekend, when he prevented a woman from being assaulted in the parking lot of a southwest side Walmart, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Petty Officer Shelton Carter stepped in last weekend when he saw a woman being assaulted and her purse stolen in the parking lot a Walmart on the city's southwest side.  

Councilman Rey Saldana, who represents the district, says Petty Officer Carter got the man away from the woman and stayed with her until police arrived.

Councilman Cruz Shaw, who is a U.S. Navy veteran, says he's not surprised that a fellow sailor took action.

"A shipmate, I'm not surprised," he said.  "I am proud of what you have done, not only for the Navy, but for our fellow citizens."

Councilman Rebecca Viagran praised Carter for his willingness to step in and help a stranger in trouble.

"Even with your safety in peril, you still stepped up and took action, when you saw something wrong happening," he said.

Council approved a resolution thanking Carter for his heroism.

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