Burn Ban Approved for Bexar County

Despite the fact that rain remains in the forecast, Bexar County Commissioner have approved a county wide burn ban, which will remain in effect for the next 90 days, News Radio 12200 WOAI reports.

County Fire Marshal Chris Lopez says a combination of the wet spring and dry summer has created the perfect conditions for brush fires.  The grass grew long in the spring, and now that grass has dried out, leaving it prone to fire.  In addition, gusty wind patterns have increased the likelihood of fires spreading.

"Since January there have been over 300 grass fires in the Bexar county area," Lopez told Commissioners Court.  "Of these, more than 58 have occurred since May 1.  The worsening conditions have created an urgent need for this.  I advise all residents to be diligent and remove all fuel sources for fires, such as dry bush piles."

The restriction limits residential trash and leaf burning to special burn barrels weith mtal wire mesh screens that prevent the spread of the flames.

Any other burning will require prior permission of the Fire Marshal's Office.

The burn ban does not cover agricultural burning, or firefighter training.  It also does not affect back yard barbecue grills.

And violating the burn ban is a crime, punishable by a $500 fine.

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