Two Men Who Tried to Run Across Busy Roads Killed in Separate Incidents

Two men were killed overnight in separate incidents where both attempted to run across busy roads, only to be run over by multiple vehicles, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The first incident happened on the city's west side, where a man in his late forties attempted to run across busy Culebra Road away from a marked crosswalk and in a darkened area near Calaveras Street.

He was run over by three cars.  The first car who hit the victim sped away without stopping.  The other two who ran over the victim as he lay on the pavement did stop, but it was too late, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The second incident happened about 12:30 Tuesday morning, when a man, for some reason, was trying to run across Interstate 35 near AT&T Center Parkway.

The first vehicle to hit the man was a police car.  The police car swerved, but its side mirror knocked the man down, and at least three other cars traveling southbound on I-35 ran over the man.  None of the drivers of those vehicles stopped to help.

Two police officers in the car that first hit the man immediately summoned help, but the man was pronounced dead in the middle of the highway.

One issue that was discussed at last week's 'Vision Zero' conference on street safety was reducing the incidence of pedestrian related accidents.  Several speakers suggested adding crosswalks in the middle of some of the very long stretches of road found in the city.

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