Immigrant Truck Driver Waives Right to a Detention Hearing

The man who was driving that truck carrying 54 illegal immigrants that was stopped in a quiet northeast side neighborhood last week will be cooling his heels in jail for a while longer, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Gerardo Carreon of Laredo was arrested when the truck was stopped just south of the Magic Time Machine on Laurelhurst Ave late last Tuesday.

Carreon was set to have a detention hearing today following his arrest at the scene, but federal court records indicate he has waived that hearing.That will keep him locked up until his trial.

Observers say that unlike James Bradley, who was driving the truck were ten illegal immigrants died in south San Antonio last summer, no one died in this case, so Carreon is not expected to face nearly as serious a charge.

At one point, Bradley was facing the death penalty, but that was taken off the table when he agreed to plead guilty and accept a sentence of life in prison.

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