Arson Investigators Probe West Side Apartment Building Fire

Fire crews battled early Monday to stop a fire which broke out in an abandoned apartment building on the city's west side, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

When fire crews arrived on the scene at Southwest 36th Street and Castroville Rd. about 4:30AM, they found flames engulfing the entire back part of the empty building.

Nobody was hurt, and firefighters concentrated on fighting a defensive fire, confining the flames to the building and not allowing them to spread.  In the end, they were successful, only a privacy fence and a tree caught fire.

Nobody was hurt, and arson investigators are looking for clues to how the fire started.

Fire crews have been troubled this year by fires in vacant and abandoned buildings and homes which are started by vagrants and drug users 'squatting' in the buildings.

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