King and Queen of Spain arrive in San Antonio

King and Queen of Spain

The City of San Antonio is preparing to welcome a Royal family this weekend.

The King and Queen of Spain arrived in San Antonio on Saturday.

They will begin their tour of the Alamo City by visiting spots with Spanish roots.

"They get to explore a little piece of their own history right here in San Antonio," said Laura Mayes of the Tricentennial Commission.

One of the stops will be at the San Antonio Museum of Art. 

"I've met a lot of artists and that's royalty in our world, so I'm just as nervous as everyone else," said William Keyse Rudolph, chief curator of the San Antonio Museum of Art.  

The King and Queen will spend time there and will get the first look at a new exhibit showcasing 500 years of Spanish paintings.

"We've put together an extraordinary exhibition of about 41 paintings from some of the best museums in Madrid and a few wonderful museums in the United States," said Rudolph. 

Photo: Spectrum News

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