Tricentennial Mural Painting to Go On All Weekend

Just like the stunning Carlos Merida mosaic mural 'The Confluence of Cultures' at the Convention Center has stood for fifty years as a symbol of Hemisfair '68, Spanish artist Daniel Munoz this weekend will begin painting the mural that will symbolize the city's 2018 Tricentennial, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The grand mural will cover the north wall of the Magick Theater buildings on Alamo Street downtown, which City Arts Project Manager Sarah Farwell says is the perfect spot, especially since Munoz enjoys working with architecture

."It's a city-owned building, the Magick Theater was was welcoming partner in having us there, and it is here at Hemisfair where there are tons of foot traffic and activity," she said.

The project was coordinated with the Spanish Art Office and Luminaria.

She says the mural, which will cover the entire wall of the building, with specific panels inside the window frames, will cover more than 300 years of San Antonio history.

"The San Fernando Cathedral, the Majestic Theater will be depicted, there's also King William historic homes, the old Woolworth dining room is right over there, there is a scene from an early Battle of Flowers."

Munoz is going further back than that, also depicting the ancient rock painting in the Seminole Canyon caves, to themes of the city's western heritage, and the 1920s downtown flood which led directly to the creation of the Olmos Dam, and the Riverwalk.

Munoz is inviting the community to make suggestions for what should be depicted in what he calls a 'collaged and layered visual survey of San Antonio.   He will be painting and accepting suggestins all weekend.

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