Sheriff Salazar Praised for Openness on Domestic Violence Cases

Three local first responders, an EMS officer and two Bexar County Sheriff's Deputies, have been arrested on domestic violence just this week, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The latest was a jail detention officer who was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly threatening a woman at his northwest side home with a knife.

Marisa Balderas-Flores with the Battered Women's Shelter, is praising Sheriff Javier Salazar for 'speaking openly' about the arrests.

"When victims reach out to the Sheriff's office for help, any reports of domestic violence are also being dealt with in a proper manner, and they are not being swept aside," she said.

She says this is a message to the community that no matter who the suspect is, law enforcement will be serious about domestic violence.

"They are not fit to serve in the role of law enforcement, and they may not be fit to carry a firearm, if they are perpetrators of domestic violence."

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