Council Unanimously Approves Rainbow Crosswalk Project

The 'Rainbow Crosswalk honoring the LGBT community, will be installed at the intersection of Main and East Evergreen, in the area of Tobin Hill east of San Antonio College known as the 'Gayborhood,' News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

City Council today unanimously approved the project.

About $12,600 of the cost will be borne by taxpayers, because that is the cost of constructing a normal black and white crosswalk.  The additional cost, about $20,000, will be paid by Pride San Antonio with money raised through private donations.City officials say this will be a pilot program for 'artistic crosswalks,' and could lead to additional special crosswalks honoring groups ranging from police to immigrants.

There was support from the community for the construction of the crosswalk.

The Rev. Drees Coetzee is Pastor of University Presbyterian Church.

"I know personally the damage we have done to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning community, by denying their identity and their God-given humanity," he told Council.

Many of the questions were more financial in nature.Northwest side Councilman Greg Brockhouse grilled city officials about whether taxpayers will be on the hook for maintenance costs for the crosswalk.

"On the record, one more time, you are stating clearly that we will not be providing any funding for the maintenance of the crosswalk," Brockhouse asked Art Reinhadrt of the city's transportant department.

"That is correct," Reinhardt replied.

Members of Council said, if successful, this could lead to artistic crosswalks all over the community, honoring groups ranging from police to veterans to immigrants.

But Councilmwoman Ana Sandoval says the importance of the crosswalk to the LBGT community is critical.

"We are establishing a safety zone for members in our community who, in the past, have been neglected or not recognized," she said.The plan is, Reinhardt said, for the Rainbow Crosswalk to be painted and in place in time for the city's annual Pride Parade, which is set for June 30.

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