Comal County Approves Burn Ban

The continued hot dry weather has led to watering restrictions, and now burn bans are on the way, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

The Comal County Commissioners today approved a burn ban, to continue all summer long, citing the continued drying out of the brush.

County officials say about a dozen brush and grass fires have been reported across Comal County in the past few days.

Officials say the conditions are very good for brush and grass fires, as a wet winter and spring, following a couple of years with plentiful rainfall, have led to tall grass which is now drying out, leading to dry brush conditions.

A burn ban means, no open flames are allowed outdoors, including camp fires and trash burning.  Also, no Tiki Torches on the back porch.Barbecue grills are still okay, as long as they are covered and are off the ground.

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